By creating Siolo Budy we wanted it to be a place of quiet, but also a place encouraging you to an active rest and integration. You can rest in the garden or on a bench at the street, watching the rural life going on. An excellent idea is a walk or a biking tour in the surroundings.

While on our premises, you can use benches, a hammock and a playground with a springboard and a swing/see-saw. We have a badminton set, balls, a volleyball and a soccer ground, and fresh air without limit. There is a sand pit with toys in the yard. In the afternoons and evenings everybody is invited to make an open fire.

The Big House hosts a spacious dining room, and next to it there is a living room with a sofa and a fireplace, where you can enjoy your time. We also have various books (also for children) and toys. On days when the weather is not so kind, feel invited to the barn with table-tennis, toys and swings/see-saws.

Attractions in the surroundings:

  1. Białowieża National Park
  2. Białowieża Bison Show Reserve
  3. St. Nicolas Orthodox Church in Białowieża
  4. Tourist trails:
  5. Kolejka wąskotorowa (Narrow-gauge railway)
  6. Tsar’s Restaurant in a monumental building of Białowieża Towarowa railway station built in 1903 for Tsar Nicolas II of Russia
  7. Siemianówka Lake
  8. Canoeing down Narewka river